My Top 5 Holiday Movie Favorites

My Top 5 Holiday Movie Favorites
Happy Thanksgiving! It is officially holiday season! 

It's that time of year again, the family is coming over. Time to break out the good dishes. Get cozy on the couch with your favorite hot chocolate recipe and turn on the family favorites. We all have those situations that immediately take us back to a familiar scene from a Christmas movie. Here are just a few of my favorites:

1) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Who else remembers waiting on their Christmas Bonus from work? Family stopping by unexpectedly? Christmas Dinner not turning out as expected? This movie is definitely a classic! 

2) Christmas With the Kranks
My family loves honey glazed ham for the holidays but as we all know, so does everyone else. I waited too late to purchase the ham one year and let's just say it was a mad house in the grocery store for the same ham that was available the week This scene in Christmas with the Kranks takes me back every 

3) This Christmas
We immediately fell in love with this movie because we hadn't seen our son for a few years and when this movie came out, he surprised us. It was the best Christmas Gift ever! 

4) Jingle All the Way!
My husband and I can definitely relate to this one. When our kids were really small searching the stores for a Game Boy Games for my son and a Furby for my daughter.  

5) Home Alone
Ok, ok I did not inadvertently leave my children home alone however struggling to get the entire family situated for a flight is definitely stressful. 

These movies are my absolute favorites because I have personally experienced some of these situations at some point in my life. Can I get a witness? lol. But hey, the holiday season does not have to be stressful. Subscribe today and check out my free 3 ways to simplify your Holidays guide!

What are some of your holiday favorite movies? Or some of your crazy holiday stories? I'd love to hear some great stories!