30 Day NingXia Red Challenge

Get your friends together and challenge each other to drink NingXia Red for 30 days! Try to drink at least 1 oz. a day but more if you can. Each day there will be a reminder post to DRINK UP plus a little bit of NingXia info - fun facts, a little history, recipes galore, and more!! Cheers to a month of NingXia Red! 

Supplies Needed:

  • NingXia Red - at least one bottle, two if drinking 1 or more ounces a day; OR a box of packets
  • Optional: Nitro, Zyng, Wolfberries, Vitality oils, Vanilla Spice Pure Protein complete, various baking supplies  

28 to Elevate 
A personal wellness guide just for you! It is a 28-day program in which you will be personally guided to make simple and effective shifts to implement in everyday life for sustainable change. We will give you tools to improve your health and wellness so that you feel more energized, self-confident, and look your best and help you incorporate essential oils and Young Living products so that you can elevate your health and wellness. 

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