Happy Mother's Day! Meet the newest member of our family!
Happy Mother's Day!

I am so excited to share with you the newest member of our family. Meet Berkey! It is a Water Filter System. Other than my children, this has got to be one of the coolest Mother's Day gifts! After we set it up, we wasted no time and started using it right away! 

How do we use our Big Berkey? We use our Berkey Water Filter in the following ways:
Why did we choose Berkey Water Filter?
On our mission to transform our health, we realized we needed to drink more water. We were looking for another option outside of the one from our fridge. We felt like we were not getting the benefits from traditional water filters and did not want the added expense of purchasing water bottles. We also grew tired of having to replace the filter every month (and often forgetting to change the filter.) After a few months of research we have found that it was the best option for our family. 

In fact, the day our Big Berkey arrived, a representative from another company showed up to our house to do a demonstration of their product and was amazed at our Big Berkey, even told us "Oh that's a good one!"  That was further confirmation that we made the right choice! 

Where to get one? 

If you have a Berkey, share your experience below!


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