'Once Upon A Farm' Collection | Chapter 12
Spoiler Alert: For the next few days we are going to uncover each chapter of the Once Upon A Farm collection  Are you ready? Keep scrolling to find out what happens in Chapter 12

The insert reads:

"Nestled in the wild hills of Tabiona, Utah, [Skyrider Wilderness] ranch held a special place in Gay Young's heart. Plants are sustainably pollinated by 8-12 beehive colonies that call the ranch home, maintaining a healthy ecosystem and a thriving einkorn crop." 

Chapter 12 brings us another beautiful pendant with the words True Grit embossed on it

The insert continues: 
"Einkorn grain harvested from this ranch are used in products like Gary's True Grit Einkorn Flour, Flakes & Spaghetti" 


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